Tale of Incy Wincy Spider

The ‘Seagull Puppet Theatre London’ presents Tale of Incy Wincy Spider


An amazing journey of Willow and Eliot/ A puppet show for children ages 2 and up

A lovely modern day fairy tale about two friends, Willow and Eliot, who go on an amazing journey of imagination, meeting cheerful animals and filled with songs and nursery rhymes such as (Incy Wincy Spider, Hickory Dickory Dock, Hey, Diddle, Diddle, Sea-Saw Margery Daw ) in a colourful, vivid, and creative scenery.

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Tale of Incy Wincy Spider _Seagull_Theatre

Video teaser about the show:


  • The show requires 2m 70 cm height and 2m 70 cm width.
  • Willow and Eliot show can be booked for school/nursery events, parties, community centres, art centres or any kind of organizations that would like to enhance their celebration with a theatre. This imaginative and entertaining show is perfect for children who love the world of fantasy, theatre, puppets and last but not least songs. The show is not only wonderfully entertaining but also educational.
  • Running time: 40 min (no interval)
  • Scenery set up time 1 hour


Willow and Eliot

Willow – ‘Oh Eliot! The stars! Look at the stars and how beautiful they are’

Eliot – ‘And look up there at that shining star! It’s sparkles and shines just like your eyes…’ A thought flashes across Eliot’s mind like a shooting star…’I shall fetch this star and bring it you Willow!’

Willow – ‘Oh silly thing! The stars are too far away, you can’t reach up and pluck them from the sky like apples from a tree or berries from a bush, there are no stairs that reach up far up there and just imagine how tired you’d be climbing all of the way up there’ Willow blows out her cheeks with a Phewph! sound as Eliot looks at and then back up at the stars and smiles to himself.

Eliot laughs happily and says ‘Oh you’ll see, wait here and swing and I’ll be right back!’ and with that he jumps from the see-saw and runs away as fast as his legs can carry him.



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